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Questions regarding B1(business) Visa for US

Hello, I have been remotely working (from India) for a US based company as a Software Engineer (on contract basis) for almost 2 years now, and have been receiving the monthly payments from US directly in my bank account.

Next month, I am changing jobs and going to be start working with a different company based out of US. They want me to continue working remotely, but come to SF for two-three weeks and go through the initial onboarding + training and other sync-ups required for the job.

It’s really important for me to make this happen, otherwise the contract may not last long. They really wish for me to spend some time with the team on site and get a glance of how things work.

Recently, my friend applied for a B1 visa to go to a training at his parent company – they also have an office in India, but it was rejected in the matter of 5-10 mins at the visa interview. He was told that he couldn’t prove the fact that he had intentions to come back to India after the training(?).

So, I’m out here trying to figure out what can I do best from my end to make sure I secure the visa for my travel. Thanks for reading!

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