Associate Real Estate Broker Olga Zakinova: New Technologies for Selling a Home

My name is Olga Zakinova, I am an Associate Real Estate Broker at Douglas Elliman.  
I have been helping people buy and sell properties in Queens and Long Island, NY for over 20 years.

New Technologies for Selling a Home

Are you in the market to sell your home? You should know about the latest technologies that are used in the Real Estate industry for enhancing the sale of a house.

Olga Zakinova, a successful Real Estate Associate Broker from Douglas Elliman, and Lucy Edwards, Director of Client Success at the VHT Studios, recently appeared on the Alpha Insider podcast hosted by Michael Levitis, founder of Alpha PR Pro to share examples of how new technologies are used in the Real Estate business for selling a home.

Alpha Insider conducts interviews with experts in their respective fields to educate the public on Business FAQs. Read on to find out about the new technologies used for selling a home.

Latest Technology Trends in Real Estate
Selling a home has become easier and faster than ever as new technologies entered the Real Estate sector and removed all the obstacles that interrupted communication with the buyer.


Olga Zakinova, I am an Associate Real Estate Broker at Douglas Elliman.  

The new technologies that are becoming popular every day and discussed during the interview by Olga Zakinova and Lucy Edwards are updating the experience of selling a home.

The two technologies that were explained with real examples during the Podcast are – Drones and 3D Virtual Tours. But there are a few more. Let’s discuss all these new technologies that are finding massive attraction across the industry.

Drones – Aerial Photos and Videos

The unmanned aerial objects, Drones, are one of the top technologies that are in use these days to deliver interesting and attractive aerial views of a property. Home buyers today love seeing how their new home would look from the sky. This is not just to see the aerial view but to find out some crucial information.

Aerial views allow sellers to give a better look at their home and the neighborhood and incredibly represent the property’s outdoor features, like sports courts, farmland, swimming pools, mountain views, oceanfront access, or mountain views.

Drone technology is crucial for home sellers to grab the attention of new buyers who are moving into a new city as it streamlines their process of determining the whole locality rather than just pictures of a home on the street. It develops a great interest in the buyer’s mind about the property before actually visiting the property.

Ultimately, drone technology helps the sellers show the best side of a home which also helps in raising the potential price of the home.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR, Augmented Reality is among the most innovative technologies used in the Real Estate industry. It allows buyers to experience a property with near-natural feels from the comfort of their homes. Buyers can also find more details about the listing by pointing to different directions on the property.

Even more, prospects can use different virtual furniture elements to get a furnished look for properties that are unfurnished. It gives a good idea to the buyers about how it would look when they move in.

3D Virtual Tours

Gone are the days when home buyers used to look at the 2D photos of a home before buying. The new 3D technology allows sellers to create exemplary 3D virtual tours that have become a new way for buyers to explore a property.

3D Virtual Tours offer buyers a high-resolution immersive visualization experience that feels almost real. It has given buyers the ability to visit different homes without driving to each of them.

After a virtual tour has been created, the homeowner doesn’t need to vacate the house as the 3D tours are more like open house experiences.


The Real Estate sector is gradually adapting to new technologies, and soon it can be expected that the overall experience of buyers and sellers is going to touch some new levels of efficiency.

To find more details and explore more examples of drone technology and 3D Virtual Tours in Real Estate, watch the full video podcast on Alpha PR Pro here.

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